Dr.Rizvi is an expert on the most acute wounds. She takes appropriate treatment and sees the patient to the most expedient care. In great hands with her for sure!

My Dad has been treated by Dr Rizvi on three occasions.
I can’t say enough wonderful things about not only Dr Rizvi, but also her staff. It is refreshing to have a doctor who is an amazing doctor and caring person.

Dr.Rizvi and her team is great. My wound has healed!

I can’t say enough positive things about Dr.Rizvi and her staff.Very professional, unformative, encouraging and caring. They would answer any of my question and concerns and always with a smile and encouraging word.

Dr Rizvi is the best!
Excellent bedside manner and outpatient care.

Dr Rizvi is a great wound healer, She was always honest with me. I congratulate her and her staff on a job well done. Thankyou!!!

Dr Rizvi and her team are fantastic! They explain, and answer every question I have had. They are compassionate and thorough and have made my healing process easy.

I am so pleased with the treatment and care provided by Dr.Rizvi and her staff.She treated my mom for a large wound on her ankle. Her treatment quickly healed her wound.
She is the best!

Thank you, for such wonderful care after having lung surgery my incision was not healing and still painful after only 4 weeks Dr.Rizvi has completely healed and back to health.

Dr.Rizvi has done an amazing job with my care. Has me back to normal activities in half the amount of time that I though it would take. Excellent wound care doctor!

Thank you, Dr Rizvi for your care for my husband!
Thank you for your compassionate care and dedication in healing my husband’s stubborn wound.

Best care I ever had! Most caring Doctor is Dr Rizvi!

Dr.Rizvi is the best at Wound Care and coordinating Lymphedema Care.
I am healing quickly.
I have the tools now for Self Care at home
Thank you, Dr.Hina Rizvi.

Me and my family were so lucky to have Dr.Rizvi overseeing my wound care.Her level of concern and dedication are immeasurable .
Thankyou, Dr.Rizvi, for all you did for me.

I am eternally grateful to Dr.Rizvi and her entire staff for their determination to save my 18 y/o son’s finger. I am so happy to say that he will be heading LSU in less than one week with all ten fingers. You all were our saving grace !

I have been fighting for my life for four years due to traumatic lymphedema, following three years of cellulitis.
Until I met Dr.Rizvi I have had little results in any clinic or hospital I have been in.
Dr.Rizvi has given my case extra attention.
She oversees a Great team of Wound Care Specialists, and the best lymphedema therapist I have ever had.
I have had amazing results. I continue to heal everyday.
Dr.Rizvi is the best in her field as far as I am concerned.
I am very grateful !!!
Dr.Hina Rizvi
Thank you!

Before I met Dr.Rizvi and her wound care staff, I suffered with severe lymphedema in both legs for almost seven years. In the last two and a half years, one of the legs become riddled with infections leaving me in a constant pain with uncontrollable leakage coming from open wounds on the leg and a foul odor–many a day I was left unable to walk from the pain.
After five weesks under the care of Dr.Rizvi and her team, they had managed to heal all wounds, stop all leaking, relieve me of the pain and reduce the swelling almost entirely.
I cannot possibly thank Dr.Rizvi and her team enough for what they did for me as I can now go to bed painfree and sleep well looking forward to what the next day will bring.